Affiliate Marketing Definitions

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Affiliate Marketing Definitions and StrategiesHere is a short list of important affiliate marketing definitions:

Affiliate Marketing:  Ability to earn passive income from selling other people’s stuff online (for commissions).

Passive Income: Income generated without your direct involvement. Example: Affiliate commissions can be generated while you sleep from affiliate links you place on your blog.

Affiliate Link: A special link provided to you (for free) from product merchants that automatically gives you credit for sales that result from someone clicking your affiliate link to go to the merchant’s website and purchase something.

Email Marketing:  Ability to develop a long term relationship with your niche market via email follow up. Super affiliates know that affiliate sales skyrocket when your audience Knows, Likes, and Trusts you (KLT).

Niche Market: A group of people interested in a particular thing that will buy the affiliate products you recommend in your affiliate blog and email followup (e.g. Niche = parenting, Sub‐Niches: baby strollers, toys, children’s clothes ‐ books ‐ vitamins…).

Affiliate Blog: A style of website that relates to a particular niche market. It consists of articles referred to as blog posts, which attract visitors for free from search engines like Google. The blog posts and blog sidebar include affiliate links and email signup forms.

Lead Capture Page: A webpage often referred to as a “squeeze page” where the only option for visitors is to submit their email address in exchange for a “lead magnet”.

Lead Magnet: A free gift given to visitors to your blog in exchange for their email address (e.g. a PDF eBook like the one you are reading now).

With modern technology and free affiliate tools and training like that found at Wealthy Affiliate, there are no knowledge gaps or technical hurdles to starting your own affiliate marketing business.

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