Afm Data Analysis Software

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The powerful Gwyddion open source software is a free AFM image processing software with excellent process, display and analysis functions.(1)

Software used for analysing AFM data. ANA control and analysis software. Download version 1.3 of the ANA control and analysis software.(2)

Software for AFM & SPM data analysis – GitHub

A community hub for Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopy analysis code – Software for AFM & SPM data analysis.(3)

MountainsSPIP® is your dedicated imaging and analysis software for scanning probe microscopy techniques including AFM, STM, MFM, SNOM, CSAFM, KPFM.(4)

AFM and STM 3rd Party Software for Image Analysis – MMRC

WSxM Program Freely available software that supports many SPM file formats; and has many analysis tools. It was developed by an AFM manufacturer for use (5)

It is created for the analysis of height fields and other 2D (image) data. While it is primarily intended for data originating from scanning probe microscopy (6)

AFM images can be analyzed directly in Ergo without the need for other software. A workflow guides the user to sort, process, and analyze AFM data.(7)