Attribution Modeling

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What Is Attribution Modeling? A Quick Explainer for Marketers


… 14 Attribution is the act of assigning credit for conversions to different ads clicks and factors along a user’s path to completing a conversion.(2)

Best Marketing Attribution Models For 2022 – Hevo Data


… An attribution model is the rule or set of rules that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touch points (impressions and clicks) (4)

What is an Attribution Model? – Influencer Marketing Hub

… An attribution model refers to the set of rules that determine which marketing channels should be credited for conversions at various stages of the customer (5)

… What is a keting Attribution Model? keting attribution models assign value to marketing campaigns through statistical analysis at the user-level. This (6)

About data-driven attribution – Google Ads Help

… Choose the right attribution model for your business without guesswork. How it works. Data-driven attribution is different from the other attribution models (7)