Best pet insurance oregon

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When it comes to protecting our beloved pets, having reliable pet insurance is crucial. In Oregon, there are several options available for pet owners to ensure their furry friends receive the best possible care without breaking the bank. In this article, we will explore some of the best pet insurance providers in Oregon, considering factors such as coverage, cost, customer reviews, and overall reputation.

Top Pet Insurance Providers in Oregon

1. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance: Healthy Paws is a popular choice among pet owners in Oregon. They offer comprehensive coverage for accidents, illnesses, and even hereditary conditions. Their plans have no annual or lifetime limits, and they reimburse up to 90% of the veterinary costs. Healthy Paws has received positive reviews for their fast claims processing and excellent customer service.

2. Embrace Pet Insurance: Embrace Pet Insurance is another top-rated provider in Oregon. They offer customizable plans that cover accidents, illnesses, and even alternative therapies. Embrace also provides coverage for chronic conditions and offers optional wellness rewards for routine care. Their plans have an annual maximum limit, but they have a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction.

3. Trupanion: Trupanion is known for its straightforward and comprehensive coverage. They offer a single plan that covers accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and even prescription medications. Trupanion has no payout limits and provides coverage for a wide range of veterinary treatments. They have a reputation for fast claims processing and reliable customer support.

4. Nationwide Pet Insurance: Nationwide is a well-known insurance provider that offers pet insurance in Oregon. They have a variety of plans available, including coverage for accidents, illnesses, and wellness care. Nationwide also provides coverage for hereditary conditions and offers optional add-ons for additional protection. While they have received mixed reviews, they are worth considering for their extensive coverage options.

5. Petplan: Petplan is a popular choice for pet owners looking for comprehensive coverage. They offer plans that cover accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and even dental care. Petplan has no payout limits and provides coverage for alternative therapies and behavioral treatments. While they may have slightly higher premiums, their coverage options make them a reliable choice for pet owners in Oregon.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Pet Insurance

When selecting the best pet insurance in Oregon, there are several factors to consider:

Coverage: Look for a provider that offers comprehensive coverage for accidents, illnesses, hereditary conditions, and routine care if desired.

Cost: Compare premiums, deductibles, and reimbursement percentages to find a plan that fits your budget.

Customer Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials from other pet owners to gauge the provider’s reputation for customer service and claims processing.

Exclusions and Limitations: Pay attention to any exclusions or limitations in the policy to ensure it meets your pet’s specific needs.

Additional Benefits: Some providers offer additional benefits such as coverage for alternative therapies, behavioral treatments, or wellness care. Consider these extras if they align with your pet’s requirements.


Finding the best pet insurance in Oregon is essential for ensuring your pet’s health and well-being. Healthy Paws, Embrace Pet Insurance, Trupanion, Nationwide Pet Insurance, and Petplan are all reputable providers worth considering. Remember to evaluate coverage, cost, customer reviews, and additional benefits when making your decision. By choosing the right pet insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furry friend will receive the best care when they need it most.