Best Residual Income Affiliate Program

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Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best residual income affiliate program I have ever promoted. I am talking about 3+ year retention of my top referrals paying me a monthly commission.

I have only been promoting it for just over 3 years at time of writing. Only time will tell how long my top referrals stay on. Here are my earnings for December 2019:

I am also talking about dozens of referrals liking the service so much that they upgrade to pay yearly, with a corresponding higher commission. Many of them renew year after year, producing yearly high commission payouts with no additional work on my part.

It works so well I actually consider this part of my retirement planning! (There is no time limit to the residual income, you get paid your monthly or yearly commissions for as long as your referral remains a member of this service.)

The Unique Incentive System That Leads to Residual Income

Read on to learn all the incentives members have to remain members, which means more commission payouts for you into the future…

The best part is no matter what niche market you are in, there is something in this program for you. It is a membership site that teaches affiliate marketing to people in all kind of niches, from dog training to baby strollers.

Both beginner and veteran affiliate marketers have many reasons why they remain members long term, producing residual income for you year after year.

The Secret Sauce (Part 1)

The secret to the extremely high retention of Wealthy Affiliate referrals lies in all of the benefits derived from this program. Wealthy Affiliate become an integral part of the members affiliate business. That means retaining a membership becomes just a cost of doing business for members that are serious about succeeding online.

Apart from the state-of-the-art affiliate training, the Wealthy Affiliate program provides all the tools needed to run an affiliate business. Tools like website hosting, site speed optimization, and SSL certificates (integrated to your sites with a single click, so you can boast a secure https website without all the hassle normally associated with SSL certificates).

They also provide as part of the service a keyword planning tool, domain name registration, an article creation tool, and one click access to millions of royalty free images that you can include in your web pages for no extra cost.

The “No Extra Cost” aspect to Residual Income

The “not extra cost” aspect of this service is one reason it is so popular. Once you are a premium member, there are no up-sells after that, everything is included. Of course purchasing domain names has a cost, but that is the same anywhere you go (and as an affiliate you also get a share of domain name purchases made by your referrals).

Some Key Elements Leading to Residual Income for Affiliates

Now re-read all the benefits just described with your affiliate marketer hat on. Can you see why this service has such a high retention rate of members paying you monthly or yearly commissions? Just for starters:

1. A member’s web hosting and SSL certificates are with Wealthy Affiliate for most members. They can be moved to another host, but it is a big hassle to do that.

2. Their domain registrations are here. Again, these can be moved, but it is a hassle to do so.

The members are too busy making their affiliate businesses successful, they don’t have time to worry about optimizing these little details (especially since moving hosting or domain name registrations is a bit complicated for most people).

So even if a member takes enough of the training to feel like they know what they are doing, the above points tend to keep them on with this service. Why move things around that are working well?

Throw in Some Awesome Community Building Features

Another thing that keeps members engaged is the sense of community they feel. I don’t know of any other service of this nature that allows members to chat with other members in real time. There are actually many community building features included that need to be seen to be believed.

The #1 Reason this is the Best Residual Income Affiliate Program

Saving the best for last, here is probably the top reason this is the best residual income affiliate program you will find anywhere. When members join for free they get access to a lot, including access to promote the affiliate program of the program itself.

However, when you upgrade to premium, which is not free, you get double the commission rate when promoting their affiliate program. This is the most compelling reason why many members remain members long term.

It means if you get just one referral that stays with the program as a monthly member long term, your own membership is mostly paid for if you become a yearly member (minus a few dollars). Yearly membership greatly reduces your monthly cost over the year. If you stay monthly then you would essentially need just 2 referrals to pay for your own membership (minus a couple of dollars). By 3 referrals you are already into a profit each month in any case.

Now for people in that situation, why would they ever leave the program? I personally have many referrals, so my membership cost is trivial at this point. Whomever referred me to the program will be getting commissions from me for many more years to come.

Although as you already know if you have read this far, even people who aren’t interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate have many reasons to stay members long term. They need the tools that are included to run their affiliate business, no matter what niche market they are in.

Want to see this all for yourself at absolutely no cost or obligation?

If yes, you just need to do this one simple thing…

Click this link, then signup for free. Go inside, kick the tires, and let me know what you think! (Post a comment below.)

If you click that link just before joining, I will be there to welcome you with an awesome bonus on the other side! (It may take an hour or so before my welcome message appears on your Profile page).

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