Blockchain In Advertising

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AdTech with Blockchain – How Smart Contracts are …

… 2 Blockchain technology is the future of programmatic advertising. Blockchain can be used to bring transparency into the AdTech industry. Smart (1)


What Can Blockchain Really Do for Advertising in 2020?

… 11 Lucidity is a digital advertising blockchain protocol bringing transparency and trust to digital advertising. They are the only ad verification (3)



… What is Blockchain-Ads? Blockchain-Ads its a Web3 advertising protocol developing a revolutionary way of user interacting with ads on the web. Who can (5)

… IBM Blockchain — Providing transparency by starting with basic financial reconciliation solutions for digital media buying. Papyrus — Connects advertisers (6)

Two Birds, One Stone: Blockchain Tech Kills Advertising …

… The digital advertising industry with its thousands of services adtech startups and industry initiatives meets the blockchain technology as a true (7)

… 29 Currently buy-side is most enthusiastic about blockchain implementation in ad tech because advertisers and media buyers need good quality (8)