Brand Architecture

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Brand Architecture: Why Is It Important for Your Business?

… 20 Brand architecture is a company’s organizational structure for its parent brand and related sub-brands products and services. It’s the (1)

… Brand architecture refers to the process used by brand strategists to strategically organize the sub-brands associated with a parent brand. Sub-brands are the (2)

What is brand architecture: design a business, not a house

… In this piece we shed light on how we do it – and why it shouldn’t be a case of choosing between a ‘house of brands’ or a ‘branded house’. Brand architecture (3)

… 18 Brand architecture is the logical strategic and relational structure for all brands in the portfolio. Customers relate to brands at different (4)

Brand Architecture: Key Drivers Of Success

… In short brand architecture is a tool or framework for organising brands into groups or hierarchical levels which are interlinked to display the relationships (5)

… So what exactly is brand architecture? Put shortly it’s a strategy for creating a strong net of brands with clear visual language and coordinated design (6)

Brand Architecture: Eliminating Confusion. Providing …

… Not a lot of business owners have experience in branding from which to draw. Here are the main principles of brand architecture: 1. If the product or service is (7)

… 23 Brand architecture is the organizational structure or framework of a business. It helps organizations map and understand the relationships (8)