Brand Extensions

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Brand Extension: Definition, Types & Examples – FreshBooks

… 6 Brand extension is when an established brand introduces a new product or service to its flagship offerings in an attempt to expand the business.(1)

… 13 Brand extension is a marketing strategy that uses an already established brand name to introduce a product to its target customer base. Some (2)

The Role of Product Feature Similarity and Brand – JSTOR


… 8 Brand extension is when a business develops a new product or service in a different area or category than where it’s previously been (4)

The Use of Brand Extensions – Universal Class

… Many companies try to capitalize on their valuable brands by introducing brand extensions which are new products that are introduced under an existing (5)

… 12 Brand extensions need to be a logical and strategic move. What is a brand extension if it’s not a product which is needed or wanted? Brand (6)

Brand Extensions: What Are They and 13 Inspiring Examples

… 13 This type of brand extension involves creating new products or services that are related to the company’s existing products or services but are (7)