Churn Rate

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What is Churn Rate? | Chargebee Glossaries

… Churn rate is the rate at which your customers are canceling their subscriptions. Put simply the churn rate is the rate at which your customers are canceling (1)

… Churn rates can be difficult to calculate in SaaS businesses. Learn more about the calculation formulas with examples.(2)

Business churn rate benchmarks – Recurly

… How do your customer churn rates compare? Your churn rate is a critical indicator of the health of your subscription businesses. Monitor this rate closely for (3)

… A churn rate is a metric expressed in percentages that measures the rate at which a business is losing its customers or subscribers within a specific time (4)

How to Calculate (And Lower!) Your Customer Churn Rate

… 22 Calculating Customer Churn Rate · Total number of customers lost during a specific period · Percentage of customers lost during a specific period (5)

… In line with my experience Bessemer Venture Partners says an “acceptable” SaaS churn rate is in the 5 – 7% range ANNUALLY depending upon whether you measure (6)

How to calculate churn rate: Definition and formulas – Zendesk


… The churn rate also known as the “attrition rate” is the proportion of existing customers at the beginning of a period that was lost over a given period. The (8)