Circular Economy

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WRAP and the circular economy

… In a circular economy problematic plastics are eliminated and products and packaging are designed and made with recycled materials. They are also easily (1)

… A circular economy is achieved by designing products smartly with their whole life cycle in mind re-using and repairing to extend their useful life and then (2)

Circular Economy – Definition, Principles, Benefits and Barriers

… 21 In the linear economy raw natural resources are taken transformed into products and get disposed of. On the opposite a circular economy model (3)

… 29 t It is a change to the model in which resources are mined made into products and then become waste. A circular economy reduces material use (4)

The Butterfly Diagram: Visualising the Circular Economy

… A circular economy eliminates waste circulates products and materials and regenerates nature. spiral wave pattern.(5)

… An analysis of the significant benefits of transitioning towards a Circular Economy. Vol.1 – exploring the key rationale stimulating economic activity.(6)

Overview – Circular economy – Eurostat – European Commission


… Circular economy favors designing products for durability reuse remanufacturing and recycling to keep materials circulating for as long as possible. It’s an (8)