Consumer Behavior

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Understanding the ever-evolving, always-surprising consumer


… Consumer behaviour is the study of individuals’ groups’ and organisations’ decisions with regard to the selection purchase use and disposal of goods¬†(2)

UK Consumer Behavior: What Do The British Want? | Wordbank

… By understanding UK consumer behavior you can easily build your brand. Here’s how to give British customers what they want.(3)

… Consumer behavior is influenced by many factors such as situation psychological environmental and marketing factors personal factors family and culture.(4)

COVID-19: Impact on Consumer Behavior Trends – Accenture

… Accenture reports the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on consumer behavior and how it will transform the future of the consumer goods industry. Read more.(5)

… 11 Consumer behavior is the study of individuals and groups to better understand the process they follow before making a purchase.(6)

Understanding consumer behavior: how to influence the …

… The study of consumer behavior is concerned with how individuals and organizations make purchases and support brands. Behavior motivations and psychology are¬†(7)

… Dissect consumer behavior uncover consumer trends and dig deep into valuable data to unlock fresh consumer insights and improve your business.(8)