Conversion Rate

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Sales Conversion Rate Metric – Klipfolio

… Measure the percentage of leads that your team is able to convert from being a qualified prospect into a sale.(1)

… Get fast and easy calculator for converting one currency to another using the latest live exchange rates. Also get the latest news that could affect (2)

How to Calculate, Track, and Analyze Conversion Rates

… 16 To determine a conversion rate for your website divide the number of goals achieved in a given time frame by the total number of visitors to (3)

… The conversion rate represents the relative value between two currencies. It is essentially the price measure of one currency against another. As the rate (4)

What is Conversion Rate? – Definition & Information

… The percentage of visitors who take a desired action. Information. The desired action can take many forms varying from site to site. Examples include sales of (5)

… The average conversion rate for different industries in the ecommerce space keeps changing Stay up-to-date with the latest average conversion rates in (6)

Conversion rate optimization – Wikipedia

… Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of users or website visitors to take a desired action (such as buying a (7)