Cross-Channel Attribution

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What Is Cross-Channel Attribution? – SwiftERM

… 22 What is cross-channel attribution? The goal of cross-platform or cross-channel attribution is to gain visibility into performance across the (1)

… 2 In today’s more measurement-focused marketing world cross-channel attribution is a hot topic. Briefly this is the science of using advanced (2)

Cross-Channel Attribution – AdRoll Help Center


… Multi-channel attribution in Google Analytics · Last interaction: A model that ascribes 100% of the conversion value to the last channel your visitor interacts (4)

Cross Channel Attribution Modeling – Performics

… Look beyond the surface and understand the importance of the customer journey with cross-channel services from Performics. Learn about our attribution (5)

… The interplay between your ad channels is your secret sauce. With cross-channel attribution you can close the loop by measuring and optimizing the impact (6)

Cross-Channel Attribution – Gain Theory

… Gain Theory have a deep understanding of how different media channels interact with each other and this helps build cross channel attribution models that (7)