Customer Data

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Customer data: Definition – Google Ads Help

… Customer data is the customer information that you’ve collected in the first-party context—for example information you collected from your websites apps (1)

… When businesses talk about customer data they’re referring to any information that they have about their customers. This can include anything from contact (2)

8 Ways to Extract Value from Customer Data

… 28 8 Ways to Extract Value from Customer Data page on the Digital keting Institute Blog all about keeping you ahead in the digital (3)

… 20 Demographic customer data or personal customer data includes what you might call “biographical information” such as a customer’s name date of (4)

What is customer analytics (customer data analytics)?

… This definition explains the meaning of customer analytics and how the systematic examination of customer behavior can drive better business decisions.(5)

… 16 Customer data encompasses a broad spectrum of information about the people and businesses your company serves. At the most basic level (6)

What Is a Customer Data Platform?


… Customer data platforms (CDPs) are used to consolidate and integrate customer data into one single database. These tools offer marketing teams relevant (8)