Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer Journey Map Template – Miro


… 20 A customer journey map (CJM) is a diagram that visually represents a sequence of steps a person or a group takes when interacting with your (2)

Customer journey mapping software | Figma

… Create customer journey maps and tell the story of a customer’s experience from discovery to long-term relationship.(3)

… 9 The experience map is agnostic of a specific business or product. It’s used for understanding a general human behavior; in contrast a customer (4)

Effective customer journey maps and how to create them

… 22 A customer journey map is a visualization of the steps your customer goes through during the process of engaging with your company. It’s visual (5)

… The answer is simple—customer journey maps (also referred to as CJMs). These visual representations of your customers’ interactions with your brand will (6)

Customer Journey Mapping Tool | TheyDo

… A journey mapping tool for you · A beautiful customer journey tool · Drag drop and link everything across journeys · Capture opportunities and align who is (7)

… Customer journey mapping is a way to record plot and analyze the interactions – or “touchpoints” – that a customer has with your organization. It covers every (8)