Customer Referral Programs

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How To Build a Customer Referral Program in 2023 – Shopify

… 7 A referral program is a system that incentivizes previous customers to recommend your products to their family and friends.(1)

… 1 Referral programs don’t have to end after a loyal customer submits their friend’s contact info. Rewarding customers further down the chain when (2)

State of Referral Marketing Report – SaaSquatch

… With over 50% of referral programs using dollars of credit as a reward and 90% of programs relying on a purchase to define a successful conversion businesses (3)

… 27 The main draw of the referral program is the rewards themselves. When you send referrals you get a variety of in-game benefits and items. One (4)

7 Surprising Stats about Customer Referral Programs

… These stories are used to show the power of customer referral programs because humans are able to share stories easily. In fact we actually have some great (5)


How to Create a Winning Customer Referral Program in 2023

… 26 Customer referral programs are purposely designed to activate your existing customer base by turning them into new sales lead generators.(7)

… 1. Referral Program · 2. Referrer · 3. Referee · 4. Customer Referral Programs (A.KA. Refer a Friend Tell-a-Friend Tell-A-Pal Social Referrals) · 5. Affiliate (8)