Customer Segmentation

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Customer Segmentation 101 –

… Customer segmentation is the division of an audience into targeted groups with shared buying characteristics. Each customer segment purchases your product (1)

… 6 ket segmentation is the process of dividing the market into subsets of customers who share common characteristics. The four pillars of (2)

Understanding your business with customer segmentation

… 30 As a business grows it becomes impossible to know your customers intuitively. Customer segmentation helps you understand what to build and (3)

… 15 Customer segments allow you to dynamically display content and promotions to specific customers.(4)

Customer segments – Shopify Help Center


… Customer segmentation is identifying and organizing your customer groups using specific variables and characteristics they have in common.(6)

How to build: Customer segmentation for personalization

… Segment your customers for better targeting Create advanced customer segments to drive better purchasing predictions based on behaviors. Using sales data (7)