Data Analysis Software Packages

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Jul 10, 20191. SPSS (IBM) · 2. R (R Foundation for Statistical Computing) · 3. MATLAB (The Mathworks) · 4. Microsoft Excel · 5. SAS (Statistical Analysis (1)

Statistical Analysis User Satisfaction ; Posit · (547) ; IBM SPSS Statistics · (831) ; JMP · (127) ; Minitab Statistical Software · (106) ; OriginPro · (98) (2)

The Best 5 Statistical Software Tools – SelectHub

Sep 30, 2022Statistical software packages range in price from free for open-source tools like Python and R to thousands of dollars per license for more (3)

Stata is a complete, integrated statistical software package that provides everything you need for data manipulation visualization, statistics, (4)

Quantitative Analysis Guide: Which Statistical Software to Use?

Oct 24, 2022Statistical Software Comparison. Overview; SPSS; JMP; Stata; SAS; R; MATLAB; Summary; Evaluation. Software (5)

Nov 2, 2022There is a whole range of software packages and tools for data analyses and visualisation – from Access or Excel to dedicated packages, (6)

Unlock the value of your data with Minitab Statistical Software. Drive cost containment, quality & effectiveness through data analysis, now on the cloud.(7)