Database Front End Software

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Front-Ends Software · TA-Lib: Technical Analysis Library · LibreOffice · SQuirreL SQL Client · Talend Open Studio for Data Integration · HyperSQL Database Engine ( (1)

dbFront is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool specifically designed for use by DBAs and Analysts. dbFront requires no code, is simple to administer, (2)

What is Database Front End? – Definition from Techopedia

A database front end refers to the user interface or application that enables accessing tabular, structured or raw data stored within it. The front end (3)

Jul 14, 2022Other Navicat versions specialize in Postgres, Oracle, and SQL Server databases. RazorSQL A useful front end for a range of DBMSs that (4)

Create a Database Front-End in Minutes | m-Power

Create a web-based front-end for your database in just minutes with m-Power. This application lets users create, read, update, and delete records in the (5)

Databases · Oracle · IBM DB2 · Microsoft SQL Server · SAP Sybase ASE · Teradata · EnterpriseDB · Front-End Frameworks · Bootstrap.(6)

Dec 22, 2014A relational SQL database is almost universally used on the backend. The frontend of any web application consists of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Not much choice (7)