Emergency Resource Database Software

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Aug 23, 2022DisasterLAN is a mobile-friendly, web-hosted software for everyday operations, event management, and emergency preparedness and response.(1)

Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders. WISER is a system designed to assist emergency responders in hazardous material incidents.(2)

5 Software Programs Used in Emergency Management

Dec 3, 2018Top 5 Emergency Management Software Applications. irms|EM; Veoci; Sahana; NEMIS; Raptor Tech. Emergency management is growing in importanceĀ (3)

Free software and on-line resources for planning and managing emergency response.(4)

D4H – Emergency Response Cloud Software


Having a well-coordinated emergency response effort can mean the difference between life and death in any large-scale disaster. Incident commanders need theĀ (6)

CAMEO Data Manager is a database application where you can keep track of information (such in your community) to assist in emergency response and planning.(7)