Employee Advocacy

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Why Employee Advocacy Matters for Employees & Businesses

… Put simply employee advocacy is the promotion of a business by those who work in it. The end goal is to make it easy for your employees to take part in your (1)

… Employee Advocacy is a way for employees to share their enthusiasm for the brand with their peers helping them to become brand ambassadors online. It creates (2)

A Kickstart Guide to Employee Advocacy on Social Media

… “Employee advocacy” is a term used to describe the exposure that employees generate for brands using their online assets. While social media is often the (3)


Successful employee advocacy starts with this – Firstup

… 22 Employee advocacy is a marketing strategy that leverages employee networks (think friends family social media) to increase awareness and (5)

… In other words the employee advocacy definition is the act of social selling and advocating for your brand: giving friends family and even strangers on the (6)

Employee Advocacy Software, Tools, and Solutions – Hootsuite

… Get a 200% higher click-through rate and 8 times more engagement when you use Hootsuite’s simplified employee advocacy tools. Try Hootsuite Amplify today!(7)

… a firm build a successful employee advocacy program? Social Media Today and the. Hinge Research Institute conducted a joint research study to answer these (8)