Fair Use

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Fair Use | Columbia University Libraries



What is Fair Use — Definition, Policies, Examples and More

… 22 Fair use is a type of copyright law that allows and protects the reuse of copyrighted material within a different piece of work under (3)


Fair Use – Purdue University Copyright Office

… Fair use is one of the exceptions in copyright which allows use of copyrighted materials without obtaining permission as long as the use can be considered (5)

… Fair use is a legal doctrine that allows the use of limited portions of copyrighted material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the (6)

Using existing works | University of Minnesota Libraries

… Fair use is an important part of copyright law that provides some flexibility for users and new creators. The text of the law highlights criticism comment (7)

… The doctrine of fair use developed over the years as courts tried to balance the rights of copyright owners with society’s interest in allowing copying in (8)