How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?

Digital Marketing
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Businesses have been given a tremendous advantage with the ability to shop online in this digital world. Customers can search and locate products or services with the touch of a button, providing access to audiences around the globe. Therefore, when determining your marketing and advertising strategies, investing in Google Ads is an essential tool that can help you achieve targets. 

By utilizing different types of Google Ads, you can portray just what your business offers and how you offer it to potential consumers. Customizing Google Ads to fit your goals will drive more leads and boost traffic towards purchasing your products and services. It also helps increase in-app, in-person, and phone sales, building a solid awareness of your brand.

Many business owners question whether ads can help advance their business. While it comes as no surprise that ads can help drive sales, why would Google Ads be a better choice? Let’s explore why Google Ads is a more successful tool than you may think to drive your business growth and should be a vital part of your marketing campaign.

Why Choose Google Ads?

Google Ads is a worldwide network, making it easier to reach a broader audience. The online advertising platform allows businesses to reach audiences that matter. When you invest in these ads, you can help to promote website content, market your products more effectively, and ultimately drive sales revenue. 

One of the primary reasons that Google Ads is a better choice than other ad investments is that they provide businesses with a higher Return On Investment (ROI) than other options out there. In fact, Google itself gets the majority of revenues from advertising. Another core benefit is the ability to improve your website traffic in a way to take full advantage of technology.

Why is that important to know? First, it highlights the importance of how Google Ads helps its own business. Since Google depends so heavily on Google Ads, their focus and priority are on improving and sustaining Google Ads as a whole.

The benefits of Google Ads include:

  • Allowing people to see the benefits of your products and services
  • Increasing interactions with your business apps
  • Boosting your prospects and leads
  • Driving traffic to your websites to improve online results
  • Providing greater visibility
  • Building brand awareness
  • Attracting and influencing your target audience
  • Increasing your conversion rates
  • Boosting in-person and phone sales
  • Convert sales funnels

There are many advantages to utilizing Google Ads. The most significant factor is allowing your business or brand to be the first website or landing page that a potential customer finds since it gives the more likely outcome of the purchase.

Setting Your Business Objectives

Before utilizing Google Ads to achieve your brand objectives, you must first establish each of those targets. Consumers who are most likely to click on your Google Ad usually will have the intention of purchasing your product or service because they are already looking for them.

All of your targets and goals need to consider your ideal customer and their behaviors. Part of that behavior includes knowing and understanding what mediums or social channels are the more likely place to create your ads.

For example, if you know that the majority of your core demographic spends a lot of time on YouTube, that would be a place to target investing in your Google Ads. Then you can easily track data and monetize with a YouTube short link to ensure that the ads are working. 

But, knowing what your goals are that you hope to achieve are the first step. Such purposes or plans may be:

  • Targeting your specific customers
  • Generating new prospective customers
  • Increasing your online sales
  • Boosting visitors to your website or landing pages
  • Creating brand awareness in your industry

Once you have a clear set of established goals, you can dial into your Google Ads campaign more effectively and efficiently. 

Setting Up Google Ads For Your Business

Google itself is a great resource when you are setting up Google Ads. Even a handy checklist they provide that you can utilize when you’re getting started. However, exploring a few steps more in-depth can help you ensure that your investment will work directly with your business goals.

  • Keyword Selection

Your ads will appear when potential customers search in words you have already chosen. So, you want to select those keywords that will correlate with what your customers are searching for and what your business is offering.

The audience for your product or service is at the central point of these ads and campaigns. Thinking like your customer and their interests can help you determine what keywords are necessary for their search. Customers may want to compare prices and brands, reviews, and all of these factors help them narrow down their selection.

Keep in mind that you have to invest in every click that your ad receives. So, focusing on particular keywords to attract those people you can be more sure will purchase is essential. There are ways to use negative keywords with a “-” in front of the word so that anyone who searches for that specific word will not display your ad.

  • Landing Pages

When a customer clicks on your ad, you can select the landing page. Your landing page should sync with your Google Ads by being relevant to your ad (similar SEO, offers). The customers that go to your landing page will help decide whether your business objectives are being met.

Creating a compelling “call-to-action” or CTA for your customers and avoiding just one landing page for everything are also helpful. Instead, you should develop landing pages for each offer your business sets forth to distinguish your products and services for specific ads.

The Different Google Ads Campaigns

Your business can select from five campaign types on Google Ads. These five types are:

  • Search (text ads on Google search results)
  • Video (video ads on YouTube)
  • Display (Image ads on websites and other web pages)
  • Shopping (products on Google Shopping bar)
  • App (Your app promotion on channels)

When utilizing your Google Ads, some of the best practices include writing compelling copy, running competitor searches, and optimizing your landing pages or websites to help Google identify terms and themes. The search ads are text ads without any visual images, so you need to be effective with your writing. Keep things concise and specific and improve your brand’s storytelling.

Video ads are an excellent option since YouTube belongs to Google and is utilized like a search engine. Therefore, you can prospect potential customers based on what videos they watch on YouTube and create video campaign pop-ups that happen before, during, or after their videos and in the search results.

The Display ads can be found on other websites and can appear on your Gmail, videos, or other apps. These ads are typically meant to introduce your brand to your targeted demographic, those who would be interested in what you’re selling.

Shopping ads are used for those who are ready to buy. They are product-based and displayed explicitly for customers using the “Shopping” tab on the Google search engine.

Customizing Your Google Ads

Making your Google Ads more relevant and customizing them will help provide your brand with better results. You can personalize your ads based on certain words and other aspects, including:

  • Tailoring to specific locations
  • Displaying different locations and hours
  • Updating prices and inventory

You can apply customization to specific Google Ad campaigns or keywords. You can easily display special offers for products or services based on a location. For instance, you can develop an ad that provides a discount for a product sold only in Philadelphia, where there is an inventory threshold above a specific amount. 

Is Google Ads Right For Your Business?

Google Ads may not be perfect for everyone’s business, so you need to understand if it will be suitable for your own. They can be helpful for any business, but you have to ensure that your company does its part to have a set goal and utilize correct keywords and analytics tracking to know what is working and resonating with your audience.

Businesses claiming that Google Ads is not helpful are not adequately maintaining keywords or tracking their metrics. A failed Google Ads experience is about the company neglecting to follow up on what tactics their ads are reaching their core audience. While Google Ads can help, a lot of the work still relies on your business doing their job to check on all of your marketing areas, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Metrics / Analytics
  • Click-throughs to your website or landing page

It pays to invest in ads that will aid in providing your company with more visibility and marketing. 

Advancing Your Business Goals

More people utilize Google as a search engine than any other, so every business can reach their specified audience, no matter how big or small. Over 50% of small businesses stated that they have increased their number of online interactions with clients through Google Ads. 

When you use them properly, Google Ads become an exceptional tool to help drive traffic, sales, brand awareness, and, more importantly, your business revenue. First, however, you must nail down your objectives and create your campaigns carefully. Then, ensure that your copy and storytelling will grab the attention of your prospects and align with your business. You will soon see the advantages of choosing Google Ads to drive your marketing efforts further.