How much do microsoft software engineers make?

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Microsoft software engineers are highly skilled professionals who play a crucial role in developing and maintaining Microsoft’s software products. As technology continues to advance, the demand for software engineers has grown exponentially. One common question that arises is how much these professionals earn for their expertise and contributions. In this article, we will explore the salary range of Microsoft software engineers and factors that influence their compensation.

Salary Range for Microsoft Software Engineers

The salary range for Microsoft software engineers can vary based on several factors, including experience, location, and job level. According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for a Microsoft software engineer is around $121,000 per year. However, this figure can range from approximately $95,000 to $155,000 or more, depending on the factors mentioned above.


Experience is a significant factor that influences a software engineer’s salary at Microsoft. Entry-level software engineers with limited experience may earn a lower salary compared to those with several years of experience. As engineers gain more experience and expertise, their earning potential tends to increase. Microsoft offers different job levels, such as Software Engineer I, II, Senior Software Engineer, and Principal Software Engineer, each with its own corresponding salary range.


Location is another crucial factor that affects the salary of Microsoft software engineers. Salaries can vary significantly based on the cost of living and demand for software engineers in a particular area. For example, software engineers working in major tech hubs like Seattle, San Francisco, or New York City may earn higher salaries compared to those working in smaller cities or regions with a lower cost of living.

Job Level

The job level within Microsoft also plays a role in determining the salary of software engineers. Higher-level positions, such as Senior Software Engineer or Principal Software Engineer, often come with higher salaries compared to entry-level positions. As engineers progress in their careers and take on more responsibilities, they can expect their compensation to increase accordingly.

Additional Benefits and Perks

In addition to their base salary, Microsoft software engineers often receive various benefits and perks. These can include bonuses, stock options, healthcare benefits, retirement plans, and more. The specific benefits offered may vary based on the engineer’s level and tenure within the company.


Microsoft software engineers are well-compensated professionals whose salaries can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and job level. While the average base pay for a Microsoft software engineer is around $121,000 per year, this figure can range significantly depending on individual circumstances. It’s important to consider these factors when evaluating the earning potential of a career as a Microsoft software engineer.


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