How to clear your instagram algorithm?

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In today’s digital age, social media platforms like Instagram have become an integral part of our lives. Instagram’s algorithm plays a crucial role in determining the content we see on our feed. However, sometimes the algorithm may not accurately reflect our interests, leading to a less personalized experience. If you’re wondering how to clear your Instagram algorithm and regain control over the content you see, this article will guide you through the process.

Understanding the Instagram Algorithm

Before diving into how to clear your Instagram algorithm, it’s essential to understand how it works. The algorithm uses various factors to determine the content that appears on your feed, such as your interactions, engagement, and interests. It analyzes your behavior, including the accounts you follow, the posts you like, and the time you spend on different types of content.

Resetting Your Instagram Algorithm

To clear your Instagram algorithm and start fresh, follow these steps:

1. Clear Search History: Instagram’s algorithm takes into account your search history when suggesting content. By clearing your search history, you can ensure that your future recommendations are not influenced by past searches. To do this, go to your profile, click on the settings icon, and select “Security.” Then, tap on “Clear Search History.”

2. Revoke Access to Third-Party Apps: Some third-party apps may have access to your Instagram data, which can affect the algorithm’s recommendations. To revoke access, go to your Instagram settings, select “Security,” and click on “Apps and Websites.” From there, you can remove any apps that you no longer want to have access to your Instagram data.

3. Unfollow Irrelevant Accounts: The algorithm considers the accounts you follow when curating your feed. If you want to clear your algorithm, consider unfollowing accounts that no longer align with your interests. Focus on following accounts that genuinely inspire and engage you.

4. Engage with Desired Content: The more you interact with specific types of content, the more likely the algorithm will show you similar posts. Like, comment, and save posts that genuinely interest you. Engaging with content that aligns with your preferences will help the algorithm understand your preferences better.

5. Explore New Content: To diversify your feed, explore new content by searching for hashtags, locations, or exploring the “Explore” tab on Instagram. By interacting with a broader range of content, you can introduce new interests to the algorithm and receive more diverse recommendations.


Clearing your Instagram algorithm is a simple process that can help you regain control over the content you see on your feed. By following the steps outlined above, you can reset your algorithm and ensure that your recommendations align better with your interests. Remember to regularly review the accounts you follow and engage with content that genuinely resonates with you.


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