How to destroy metal credit card?

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Metal credit cards have become increasingly popular due to their durability and sleek design. However, there may be instances where you need to destroy a metal credit card, whether it’s because it’s expired, lost, or you simply want to dispose of it securely. In this article, we will explore various methods on how to destroy a metal credit card effectively and safely.

Methods to Destroy a Metal Credit Card

Method 1: Shredding
One of the most common and secure methods to destroy a metal credit card is by shredding it. However, not all standard paper shredders are designed to handle metal cards. Therefore, it is essential to use a heavy-duty shredder specifically designed for shredding metal. These shredders have stronger blades and can effectively cut through the metal, rendering the card unusable.

Method 2: Cutting
If you don’t have access to a metal shredder, another effective method is to cut the metal credit card into small pieces using heavy-duty scissors or metal shears. Start by cutting the card into several smaller sections, ensuring that the card’s important details, such as the card number and name, are completely destroyed. Dispose of the cut pieces in separate trash bags to prevent anyone from reconstructing the card.

Method 3: Grinding
Grinding the metal credit card is another method that can be used to destroy it. You can use a bench grinder or a rotary tool with a grinding wheel attachment to grind the card into fine particles. This method ensures that the card is completely destroyed and eliminates the risk of anyone reconstructing it. However, it is important to take safety precautions such as wearing protective goggles and gloves while grinding.

Method 4: Chemical Dissolution
Chemical dissolution is a method that involves using strong acids or chemicals to dissolve the metal credit card. This method should only be used as a last resort and with extreme caution. It is crucial to follow all safety guidelines and dispose of the chemicals properly. Additionally, it is essential to research and understand the specific chemicals required for dissolving the type of metal used in the credit card.


Destroying a metal credit card is important to ensure that your personal information remains secure. Shredding, cutting, grinding, and chemical dissolution are effective methods to render a metal credit card unusable. However, it is crucial to prioritize safety and follow the recommended guidelines for each method. Always remember to dispose of the destroyed card and its remnants properly to prevent any potential misuse.