How to find out if house is in foreclosure?

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Finding out if a house is in foreclosure can be a crucial piece of information for potential buyers or individuals involved in the real estate market. Foreclosure is a legal process through which a lender attempts to recover the outstanding balance on a loan when the borrower fails to make mortgage payments. In this article, we will explore various methods to find out if a house is in foreclosure, providing you with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions.

Check Public Records

One of the most reliable ways to determine if a house is in foreclosure is by checking public records. Many counties have online databases where you can search for foreclosure information. These records typically include details such as the property address, the name of the homeowner, the lender, and the foreclosure status. You can access these records by visiting the official website of your county’s clerk or recorder’s office.

Contact the County Clerk’s Office

If you are unable to find the necessary information online, you can contact the county clerk’s office directly. The county clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining public records, including foreclosure documents. By providing them with the property address or homeowner’s name, they can assist you in finding out if the house is in foreclosure. It is important to note that some counties may charge a fee for accessing this information.

Hire a Title Search Company

Another option is to hire a title search company. These companies specialize in conducting thorough searches of public records to determine the ownership and status of a property. They can provide you with a detailed report that includes information about any liens, judgments, or foreclosures associated with the property. While this option may involve a fee, it can save you time and effort in conducting the search yourself.

Work with a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents have access to multiple listing services (MLS) that contain information about properties for sale, including those in foreclosure. By working with a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent, you can leverage their expertise to find out if a house is in foreclosure. They can search the MLS and provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about the property’s status.

Subscribe to Foreclosure Listing Websites

There are several websites that specialize in listing foreclosure properties. By subscribing to these websites, you can receive regular updates on properties that are in foreclosure. These listings often include detailed information about the property, foreclosure status, and contact information for the lender or listing agent. Keep in mind that some of these websites may require a subscription fee.


Determining if a house is in foreclosure is essential for anyone interested in purchasing a property or understanding the real estate market. By checking public records, contacting the county clerk’s office, hiring a title search company, working with a real estate agent, or subscribing to foreclosure listing websites, you can gather the necessary information to make informed decisions. Remember to conduct thorough research and seek professional assistance when needed.


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