How to make a rock paper scissors game in javascript?

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In this article, we will explore how to create a rock paper scissors game using JavaScript. Rock paper scissors is a classic game played by millions around the world, and building it in JavaScript can be a fun and educational project. We will cover the basic structure of the game, the logic behind it, and how to implement it using JavaScript.

Setting up the HTML

To begin, we need to set up the HTML structure for our game. We will create three buttons for the rock, paper, and scissors options, and a display area to show the results. Here’s an example of the HTML code:


Rock Paper Scissors Game

Rock Paper Scissors


Implementing the JavaScript

Now let’s move on to the JavaScript part. We will use event listeners to detect when the buttons are clicked, and then we will write the logic to determine the winner. Here’s an example of the JavaScript code:

// Get the buttons and result element
const rockButton = document.getElementById(‘rock’);
const paperButton = document.getElementById(‘paper’);
const scissorsButton = document.getElementById(‘scissors’);
const resultElement = document.getElementById(‘result’);

// Add event listeners to the buttons
rockButton.addEventListener(‘click’, () => playGame(‘rock’));
paperButton.addEventListener(‘click’, () => playGame(‘paper’));
scissorsButton.addEventListener(‘click’, () => playGame(‘scissors’));

// Function to play the game
function playGame(playerChoice) {
// Generate a random choice for the computer
const choices = [‘rock’, ‘paper’, ‘scissors’];
const computerChoice = choices[Math.floor(Math.random() * choices.length)];

// Determine the winner
let result;
if (playerChoice === computerChoice) {
result = ‘It’s a tie!’;
} else if (
(playerChoice === ‘rock’ && computerChoice === ‘scissors’) ||
(playerChoice === ‘paper’ && computerChoice === ‘rock’) ||
(playerChoice === ‘scissors’ && computerChoice === ‘paper’)
) {
result = ‘You win!’;
} else {
result = ‘Computer wins!’;

// Display the result
resultElement.textContent = `You chose ${playerChoice}, computer chose ${computerChoice}. ${result}`;

Testing the Game

Once you have the HTML and JavaScript set up, you can open the HTML file in your web browser and start playing the game. Clicking on the buttons will trigger the JavaScript code, which will determine the winner based on the choices made by the player and the computer.


Creating a rock paper scissors game in JavaScript is a fun way to practice your coding skills. By understanding the logic behind the game and implementing it using JavaScript, you can build an interactive game that can be enjoyed by others. Remember to test and refine your code as you go, and have fun exploring different ways to enhance the game.


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