How to make an appendix in google docs

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To create an appendix in a Google Docs document:

  1. Open your Google Docs document.

  2. Place your cursor at the end of the document, where you want to insert the appendix.

  3. Click on the “Insert” menu, then select “Table of Contents” from the drop-down menu.

  4. In the “Table of Contents” dialog box, select the “Custom table of contents” option.

  5. Under the “Styles” section, choose a style for the appendix headings. You can also customize the appearance of the appendix headings by clicking on the “Options” button.

  6. Click the “Insert” button to insert the table of contents into your document.

  7. Add your appendix content under the appropriate heading. You can use the same style you selected for the appendix headings to format your content.

  8. To update the table of contents to include your appendix, click on the table of contents, then click the “Update table” button.

Overall, creating an appendix in a Google Docs document is a simple process that can help you organize and present additional information in a clear and organized way.