Influencer Disclosure

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2021 Influencer Disclosure Guidelines: US

… The FTC require influencers to spell out when there is any financial or personal relationship with a brand. This includes but is not limited to monetary (1)

… 7 If the audience understands the relationship a disclosure isn’t needed. Some influencers only tag the brands of their sponsors (2)

FTC Guidelines for Influencers and Brand Owners – EcomCrew

… 20 Influencers Who Have a Material Connection with Advertisers Need to Disclose Their Relationship Once you have a material connection with the (3)

… Your material connection to that company should be clearly and conspicuously disclosed in your endorsements.] To make a disclosure both “clear” and “conspicuous (4)

Influencer Marketing And FTC Regulations – Forbes

… 2 Be sure that text disclosures are visible and not “hidden” between other hashtags. The disclosures should be visible in the text and not in (5)

… The Disclosure Guidelines apply to anyone involved in influencer marketing practice. It is important to note that the same principles underling these industry (6)

What are the FTC Social Media Guidelines that Influencer …

… 17 With the rapid expansion of social media and influencer marketing over original 90 influencers and marketers and making their disclosure (7)

… On image-only platforms like Instagram Stories superimpose disclosures over the images. Disclose that you could earn a commission on LTK or rS links. Make sure (8)