Interview With Photographer Chrischa Oswald Top 10 List

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1. COMMON GROUND – Squarespace

Interview by Christine McFetridge Chrischa Oswald, and Christine McFetridge interviews documentary photographer Raphaela Rosella on her.69 pages(1)

News, events, exhibitions, readings, releases / Chrischa Venus Oswald – artist and poet. Instagram live conversation about my work with Elda Oreto.(2)

Tongue by Chrischa Oswald, and Christine McFetridge interviews documentary photographer Raphaela Rosella on her series You didn’t take away my future, (3)

2. Art Turm – Posts | Facebook

The ARTURM column proposes the diffusion of video interviews of the study visit. ARTURM starts with a visit in the studio of Chrischa Venus Oswald (4)

Wolfgang Tillmans is a German photographer. His diverse body of work is distinguished by observation Haw-lin. Piace a 12.242 (5)

Photos by Chrischa Oswald. Chrischa Oswald. 10.06.11 — Jeff. Photos by Chrischa Oswald. Photographer Christina Maria Oswald photography Missing: interview ‎| Must include: interview(6)

3. zhartbewegt – Tumblr blog | Tumgir

Photo. Tumblr media. I just remembered that I haven´t made this interview I hope you enjoy it. (7)

The latest Tweets from Chrischa Oswald (@zhartbewegt). Etel Adnan by Lisa Robertson – BOMB Magazine – Nice Interview with poet and artist Etel (8)

4. Maike Cruse on the developing art scene around Gleisdreieck …

28 Apr 2016, 16.08h. Freunde von Freunden / Chrischa Oswald, Daniel Müller. Interviews Photography: Daniel Müller Interview: Chrischa Oswald.(9)

Chrischa Venus Oswald ART & POETRY. of a Bollywood magazine into German to interviews with creatives to copywriting for fancy design-catalogues).Missing: photographer ‎| Must include: photographer(10)

Mar 14, 2013 — You can have the greatest subject and the best arrangement, but it’s the light that brings life to an image. A good studio photographer Missing: chrischa ‎| Must include: chrischa(11) SHOP etc ⬇️ Photo shared by Artist • Poet • Lover on September 11, 2021 tagging @.Missing: interview ‎| Must include: interview(12)

May 4, 2016 — Thank you, Christian for the lively conversation and insight into your work and Text: Chrischa Oswald Photography: Franziska Sinn (13)

5. C.V.O.

Jul 13, 2021 — diary, inspiration, stuff ~ life is a fleeting thing and we´re sensing too much to remain silent

#painting #performative #photography #pigment #political #print #process Or Chloe Stead Chrischa Oswald Christian Redtenbacher Christoph Hofbauer (15)

Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Chrischa Oswald im größten I was awarded the Diesel New Art Award for Photography in Austria in 2007 and have exhibited my (16)

6. M I R R O R – Albertz Benda

by F Stolte — Interview with a mirror. Questions Photo by Eric Tschernow. Courtesy the artist and Sassa. Trülzsch, Berlin. Photo by and copyright Chrischa Oswald.(17)

Mar 13, 2014 — Nan Goldin, Courtney Kessel, Ottonella Mocellin+Nicola Pellegrini, Trish Morrissey, Hans Op de Beeck, Chrischa Oswald, Thomas Struth.(18)

Enter FotoDocument’s One Planet City photography competition! Photographs From: Dylan Priest, Chrischa Oswald & Alexandra Serrano.(19)

Mar 17, 2014 — Chrischa Oswald’s Mother Tongue provoked strong discomfort And the strong reaction it elicited from us sparked some great conversation.Missing: photographer ‎| Must include: photographer(20)

7. Emerging: Watch out |

Interview für INTERVIEW: ein Portrait des jungen, erfolgreichen Julian Charrière im Chrischa Venus Oswald, für Ihre eindringlichen Videoinstallationen (21)

Jan 30, 2012 — Chrischa Venus Oswald, HAUTNA—t, 2005-06 Mr. de Santaren is the Co-Chair of the Photography Committee of the Solomon R. Guggenheim (22)

I: Isabel Bredenbröker, C: Chrischa Oswald presented as a precondition for archaeological photography and publishing (which in.(23)

8. 2014 — John Clang -NEWS

AFTERIMAGE: Contemporary Photography from Southeast Asia Mocellin+Nicola Pellegrini, Trish Morrissey, Hans Op de Beeck, Chrischa Oswald, Thomas Struth.(24)

Oct 20, 2020 — Then last week I found myself having a conversation about hope (which you can read as the intro of the Never by Chrischa Oswald.(25)

Mar 17, 2017 — Photographer Bob Jackson, There are few who have stood in the middle Oswald would be brought down the elevator to the booking room and Missing: chrischa ‎| Must include: chrischa(26)

9. Mocellin e Nicola Pellegrini | CCC Strozzina

photo: Martino Margheri of family read by the two artists, drawn from their interviews of the personnel working within the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi.(27)

An Exclusive Collaboration and Interview with Ulay by Catherine Somzé / photography Sandor Lubbe (portrait) / photography Ulay (collaboration).(28)

10. solarcity photos on Flickr | Flickr

solarCity Linz by Chrischa Oswald. 16 1 · The SpaceX Falcon 1 Days by Steve Jurvetson. 8 1. I just finished Eric Berger’s book Liftoff: Elon Musk and the (29)

Antennae, Houston Center For Photography, Houston, Texas. “Mountains: Janet Biggs, Rikke Flensberg, Chrischa Venus Oswald, Helen Wittmann,” Arte Cultura (30)

Stigliano Matera, 2019 – Courtesy the artist; photo © Alessandro Suzzi by saying in an interview that, in the representation of the world it is (31)

(Solo show: Horizon of Exile and Body of War – in conversation). body art related pieces like “HAUTNA—T” by Chrischa Venus Oswald, videos related to (32)

Obrigada @lucykshaw for the photo of that special inlet of a poem of mine Chrischa Venus Oswald n’A Bacana, com cinco poemas: “Nó Se eu apertar Um nó Na (33)

His practice spans a broad range of media including sculpture, photography, neon, video, drawing, printmaking and performance. Andrea Fraser (1965) is a (34)

Jul 22, 2020 — A Conversation Between Me, Money & Creativity Christa Fontaine. THE MYSTICAL Lion Heart Chrischa Venus Oswald. Ciara Kosse. THE BODY.(35)

Dec 9, 2020 — Anne Duk Hee Jordan in an interview with Chrischa Oswald | Collectors Agenda Between performance and video, photography and painting, (36)

Mar 16, 2014 — REVIEWS INTERVIEWS COMMENTARY NEWS Hans Op de Beeck, Chrischa Oswald, Thomas Struth) that encourage an investigation into the images, (37)

Dec 18, 2020 — Here, you find women we interview because of the positive impact on society they have through their work, projects and ideas. Yvonne Oswald is Missing: chrischa ‎| Must include: chrischa(38)

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