Marketing Dashboards

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Marketing Dashboard Examples – datapine

… A marketing dashboard is a management tool that enables professionals to track monitor and communicate important marketing KPIs through data visualisation (1)

… A digital marketing dashboard is a tool used to track and display key performance indicators in order to analyze marketing and business efforts over time and (2)

Digital Marketing Dashboards: The Ultimate Guide – PenPath

… A proper marketing dashboard includes data from multiple data sources that bring together deeper insights and clearly showcase KPIs that matter holistically (3)

… 20 A marketing dashboard template is an essential tool for any marketing agency. It allows you your team and your clients to quickly and easily (4)

Marketing Dashboards: The Do’s & Don’ts – Tableau

… Analytics dashboards are a critical resource for marketing teams that help support their roles and responsibilities strategic planning and data-driven (5)


Marketing Dashboards – CIM

… How to design and build marketing dashboards which visually create a story turning numbers into insights and actions.(7)

… The keting Dashboard is a framework for a fully-branded single or multiple-campaign marketing reporting portal that can be shared with clients or used (8)