Multivariate Testing

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Multivariate testing in marketing – Wikipedia

… In marketing multivariate testing or multi-variable testing techniques apply statistical hypothesis testing on multi-variable systems typically consumers (1)


About Multivariate Campaigns – Mailchimp

… Test up to eight versions of your campaign. Learn how Multivariate Campaigns work and get ideas for your own tests.(3)

… Multivariate testing is the process used by optimizers to compare two different web pages. The method focuses on comparing subtle changes between multiple (4)

Create a multivariate test (MVT) – Optimize Resource Hub

… Multivariate test – An experiment that tests two or more elements or sections to understand their effects on each other. For example variants of a headline (5)

… Multivariate testing is similar to A/B testing but is slightly more complex. Multivariate testing investigates interactions of independent variables on the (6)

What is multivariate testing? – Campaign Monitor


… 22 A multivariate test is used to gauge how variations in numerous page sections or elements perform when combined. Very similar yet unique pages (8)