Out-of-Home Advertising Analytics

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Out-of-Home Advertisement Analysis & Insights – PlaceSense

… Measure how many people passed your billboard and visited the advertised brand so you can prove ad impact. Measure the impact of outdoor ads at any time.(1)


DOOH Advertising – Navori Labs – Aquaji

… Acquire new customers by targeting the right audience using indoor and outdoor advertising analytics data. Intuitive Dashboard. Track your metrics and generate (3)

… OOH reaches consumers no matter what their media consumption habits are. It goes where most other media can’t to surround and immerse consumers out of home (4)

Digital Out-of-home Advertising Market Report, 2028


… This application developed specifically for outdoor media campaign planning combines data spatial analytics map visualization and media planning features so (6)

Out-of-home advertising – Wikipedia

… Out-of-home (OOH) advertising also called outdoor advertising outdoor media and out-of-home media is advertising experienced outside of the home.(7)

… The latest digital signage solutions offer new capabilities enabled by AI and analytics making it possible to connect brands to their target audiences with the (8)