Product Localization

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Localization: The Revolution in Consumer Markets

… Similarly a manufacturer might localize product features in one area and retailer incentives in another. While it may be prohibitively expensive to customize a (1)

… What Is Product Localization? The definition of localization is to translate and adapt source language to target language considering the cultural nuances (2)

Product Localization Services | Wistron ITS

… As a pioneer in content and product localization services Wistron ITS has a proven record of success in localizing emerging technologies products (3)

… 15 A localization strategy is a long-term plan guiding businesses in adapting a product to the culture and language of different target (4)

Product Localization – Wipro

… Acquire scalable high-quality product localization capabilities that meet country-specific requirements. As clients expand into new geographies (5)

… Memsource and Phrase are part of our new Phrase Localization Suite. Manage all your product copy in one place and cut down turnaround times in half.(6)

10 Localization Facts for Companies Growing Globally | Phrase

… 15 Despite technology merging global tastes and giving companies new platforms to market their products the language barrier is still a very real (7)

… Study your target market to see how your localized product or service will be received by the local customers;; What services platforms and tools are you (8)