Product Management

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Best Product Management Courses & Certifications [2023]



How to Lead in Product Management | Roman Pichler

… How to Lead in Product Management. Practices to Align Stakeholders Guide Development Teams and Create Value Together. Reading this book will help you (3)


Product Management Course | BrainStation®

… Usually a product life cycle is broken up into different stages covering a product’s introduction growth maturity and decline. The process by which product (5)

… Within their role Product Managers are empowered to interact and learn more about functions they are interested in. Whether that be keting Customer Success (6)

Intercom on Product Management

… Product management is key to building great products. This book offers guidance on the tough decisions you will face as a product manager.(7)

… Business: Product management is concerned with ensuring sustainable product success to support the attainment of business goals. Product managers must be able (8)