Product Placement

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Product Placement – TV Tropes

… The practice of prominently displaying or talking about a recognizable product in a program in exchange for some consideration from the manufacturer usually (1)


Does Brand Product Placement In Films Work? | Latana

… 5 Product placement is a great way for brands to not just get seen by millions of people but to benefit from the association with popular (3)

… Product placement is a form of advertising in movies and television shows in which the advertiser of a product pays a fee (or offers another consideration) (4)

Virtual product placement is coming for TV and movies …

… 17 It’s the on-demand product placement of branded goods in a video and it’s the technology that Ryff has been developing since it was founded in (5)

… 25 The term “retroactive product placement” refers to the practice of going back to existing films or TV shows and changing the signage the (6)

A History of product placement in movies: 150 cases from …

… 15 Product placements are also indispensables as movies reflect the real world showing brands and well known products is crucial for the story’s (7)

… 18 Concave Brand Trackings ranks the top product placements in movies based on their advertissing value.(8)