Purdue student health insurance

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Purdue University, located in West Lafayette, Indiana, is renowned for its academic excellence and commitment to student well-being. As part of its commitment to student health, Purdue offers a comprehensive student health insurance plan. In this article, we will delve deeper into the details of the Purdue student health insurance, exploring its coverage, benefits, and enrollment process.

Coverage and Benefits

Coverage: The Purdue student health insurance plan provides coverage for a wide range of medical services, including hospitalization, emergency care, prescription medications, mental health services, preventive care, and more. The plan is designed to ensure that students have access to the healthcare they need, both on and off-campus.

Benefits: The student health insurance plan offers several benefits to Purdue students. One of the key advantages is the ability to access care at the Purdue University Student Health Center, which provides comprehensive primary care services. Additionally, the plan includes coverage for specialists, laboratory tests, X-rays, and other diagnostic procedures. Students can also take advantage of prescription drug coverage, ensuring that necessary medications are affordable and accessible.

Enrollment Process

Automatic Enrollment: All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the Purdue student health insurance plan. This includes full-time undergraduate students, graduate students, and professional students. The cost of the insurance is automatically added to the student’s tuition bill.

Waiver Option: While automatic enrollment is the default, students who have comparable health insurance coverage may choose to waive the Purdue student health insurance plan. To do so, students must provide proof of their existing coverage by submitting a waiver request. The waiver process typically takes place during the enrollment period at the beginning of each academic year.

Cost and Payment

Cost: The cost of the Purdue student health insurance plan varies depending on the academic year and the student’s level of enrollment. The university provides detailed information about the cost on their official website, including a breakdown of fees for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Payment: The cost of the student health insurance plan is typically included in the student’s tuition bill. Students can make payments through the university’s online payment system or by visiting the Bursar’s office in person. It is important for students to pay the insurance fee by the specified deadline to ensure continuous coverage.


The Purdue student health insurance plan is a valuable resource for students, providing comprehensive coverage and access to essential healthcare services. By automatically enrolling eligible students and offering a waiver option for those with comparable coverage, Purdue University ensures that students can focus on their studies while having peace of mind regarding their healthcare needs.


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