Riding Safe: Tips from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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The irresistible appeal of boundless highways and the intoxicating freedom of motorbike escapades are well-known. Nevertheless, safety is paramount. Our legal practice, steered by founder Greg Prosmushkin and his extensive legal acumen spanning almost 20 years, provides savvy and economically-sound counsel for individuals and enterprises in Philadelphia. We’re excited to share vital safety wisdom to help you avoid mishaps and maintain security while traversing the asphalt. Time to switch gears and dive right in!

1. Suit Up with Sensible Gear

The saying, “Clothe yourself for the skid, not the jaunt,” rings true. Donning suitable armor considerably diminishes injury likelihood during mishaps. Acquire a first-rate helmet, riding coat, mitts, trousers, and footwear. Remember, protective attire isn’t a mere fashion statement; its purpose is to keep you whole.

2. Cultivate Road Alertness

In the realm of motorcycling, “Gaze where you aim to be” is a fundamental tenet. Continuously survey the pavement and anticipate potential perils, such as detritus, cavernous gaps, or capricious drivers. Focused attentiveness enables you to bypass incidents and savor a fluid voyage.

3. Adopt Defensive Riding Strategies

Motorbike navigation demands a proactive, not reactive, approach. Embracing a defensive riding tactic empowers you to predict and evade potential menaces. For instance, maintain a secure gap from fellow vehicles, anticipate sudden halts, and always formulate an exit plan.

4. Dedicate Time to Regular Maintenance

Heed the time-honored adage, “Prevention outweighs cure by a considerable margin.” Upholding your motorcycle’s prime condition prevents accidents arising from mechanical malfunctions. Routinely examine your tires, brakes, illumination, and fluid reservoirs to certify your steed’s fitness for the road.

5. Eschew Riding Under the Influence

This should be obvious, but let’s underscore it regardless: Refrain from riding while inebriated or under the sway of narcotics. This practice is not only unlawful but also impairs your discernment, reflexes, and overall navigational prowess. Remain clear-headed and protect yourself.

When Misfortune Strikes?

Even with the greatest prudence, calamities might still occur. If you’re embroiled in a motorcycle mishap, you could wonder, “Do I require legal counsel if the vehicular collision was my doing?” or “At which juncture should I consult a lawyer post-accident?” The response is unambiguous: at the earliest opportunity. Even if you bear partial responsibility, a skilled attorney can champion your rights and navigate legal complexities.
You may also ask, “Is engaging a lawyer for a vehicular collision judicious?” The rejoinder is an emphatic yes. A car accident attorney excels at unraveling the convoluted legal labyrinth and can aid you in obtaining just reparation for your injuries.

Car Crash Attorney Obligations

A car crash lawyer champions your cause and aids in securing recompense for medical expenses, lost earnings, and anguish. They parley with insurers, amass proof, and represent you in court if necessary.

Though you might fancy handling a car accident’s aftermath solo, enlisting a lawyer dramatically boosts your prospects of reaching a satisfactory settlement. They boast the know-how and experience
to navigate the legal framework and advocate for your entitlements.

When to Secure an Attorney Following a Vehicular Accident

Promptness is vital in retaining an attorney after a car accident. Ideally, you should contact a lawyer at the earliest opportunity post-incident. This ensures crucial evidence is preserved, and your attorney can commence work on your case while details remain fresh in your memory.


Motorcycle riding delivers an unrivaled experience, but it’s essential to prioritize safety to fully savor the adventure. By abiding by the guidelines we’ve imparted, you can mitigate accident risks and stay protected on the road. Keep in mind, if you find yourself entangled in an accident, it’s crucial to enlist a seasoned car accident attorney to help you traverse the legal process and secure the compensation you deserve. Stay vigilant and relish the journey!

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