Sales Strategy

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Definition of Sales Strategy

… A sales strategy is a long-range plan for increasing sales. The goal could be to increase repeat business attract new clients or upsell more customers.(1)

… A sales strategy is an organization’s detailed plan to drive sales performance innovation and growth by better penetrating existing markets and growing (2)

Sales Strategy Roles – GitLab


… Your sales strategy identifies which customers your business is targeting it specifies how you will reach them and it outlines how you will convince them (4)

A winning sales strategy

… The sales strategy describes how a business will win retain and develop customers. In ‘lean start-up’ terminology it is referred to as the ‘customer (5)


Create Your Winning Sales Strategy in 8 Steps [+ Examples]

… 5 A sales strategy is an organized plan to maximize sales of a product or service. Sales strategies are typically driven by specific underlying (7)