Smart Speaker Advertising

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Voice Search Marketing – How to Reach Smart Speaker …

… Our Voice Search keting Guide can help your brand connect with consumers conducting voice searches on their smart speakers. Download this guide to learn:.(1)

… 20 The study also found that speaking a brand’s name back to a smart speaker produces a 30% rise in overall levels of brain response compared to (2)

Targeting Ads on Smart Speakers, Smart Phones and …

… 3 The way we are able to place ads within content that is playing through a smart speaker is by Online Audio Ads. These are audio ads served to (3)

… While we are using these throughout our daily routines can we expect to see advertising being read out on our smart speakers? Smart Speaker keting In (4)

Smart-Speaker Ads Help Create Deeper Connections With …

… Smart-speaker advertising generates responses in the human brain that can help build deeper connections between brands and consumers according to the (5)

… 23 Izla Russell client director at Navigate Digital explained that smart speaker advertising has “really exciting potential” that promises to (6)

Smart speaker ads stimulate increased brain activity …

… It found that branded smart speaker ads trigger a 25% increase in overall brain activity when compared to branding in standard audio ads. Some of the uplifts (7)

… 22 When adequately engaged smart speakers can help guide the consumer to the best product or service to fit their situation. keters need to (8)