Social Responsibility Reporting

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Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: A Content Analysis …

… by G Campopiano · · Cited by 415 — by G Campopiano · · Cited by 415Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting is defined as the process of communicating the social and environmental actions of organizations (1)

… by X Wu · · Cited by 7 — by X Wu · · Cited by 7Reporting of CSR can generally be seen as the practice of an organization to provide its stakeholders with information about its economic environmental and (2)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting challenge

… by M Jeriji · · Cited by 1 — by M Jeriji · · Cited by 1Corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting should reduce information asymmetry and provide an accurate picture of overall company performance.(3)

… by L Bouten · · Cited by 424 — by L Bouten · · Cited by 424Comprehensive reporting as defined here requires three types of information for each disclosed CSR item: (i) vision and goals (ii) management approach and ( (4)

Corporate sustainability reporting – Finance – European Union

… Corporate sustainability reporting EU rules require large companies and listed companies to publish regular reports on the social and environmental risks they (5)

… 28 The disclosure of information on the exercise of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the tool most frequently used by companies to promote (6)

How to report on CSR? | HEC Paris

… it has become common practice for larger corporations to publicly report on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.(7)

… Report Highlights. Important to Intel’s success is our 2030 RISE strategy which outlines our approach to corporate responsibility this decade (8)