What atm can i use for credit union?

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When it comes to accessing your credit union account, it’s important to know which ATMs you can use. Credit unions often have their own network of ATMs, but they may also be part of a larger shared network. In this article, we will explore the different ATM options available for credit union members.

ATMs within Credit Union Networks

Many credit unions have their own network of ATMs that are exclusively available to their members. These ATMs are typically located at credit union branches or other convenient locations. Using an ATM within your credit union’s network can offer various benefits, such as fee-free transactions, extended hours, and easy access to account services.

To find out which ATMs are part of your credit union’s network, you can visit their website or contact their customer service. They will provide you with a list of ATMs where you can withdraw cash, deposit funds, or perform other transactions without incurring additional fees.

Shared ATM Networks

In addition to their own network, many credit unions participate in shared ATM networks. These networks allow credit union members to access their accounts at ATMs belonging to other participating credit unions. This provides members with a wider range of ATM options, even when they are away from their credit union’s branch.

One of the most popular shared ATM networks for credit unions is the CO-OP Network. With over 30,000 ATMs nationwide, the CO-OP Network offers extensive coverage and convenience for credit union members. By using an ATM within the CO-OP Network, you can access your credit union account, make deposits, and withdraw cash without paying additional fees.

To find ATMs within shared networks, you can use online ATM locators provided by your credit union or the shared network itself. These locators will help you find the nearest ATMs that you can use with your credit union account.

ATM Networks and Card Compatibility

When using an ATM, it’s important to ensure that your credit union card is compatible with the machine. Most credit unions issue debit cards that can be used at ATMs for cash withdrawals and other transactions. These cards are typically linked to your credit union account and require a PIN for authorization.

To determine if your credit union card is compatible with a particular ATM, look for the logos displayed on the machine. Common logos include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and the Plus or Cirrus symbols. If your card bears any of these logos, it should be accepted at ATMs that display the corresponding logos.

It’s worth noting that some credit unions issue ATM-only cards, which can only be used at ATMs within their own network. If you have an ATM-only card, you may be limited to using ATMs provided by your credit union.


In conclusion, credit union members have access to a variety of ATM options. These include ATMs within their credit union’s network, shared ATM networks, and ATMs that accept compatible cards. By utilizing these options, credit union members can conveniently access their accounts, withdraw cash, and perform other transactions without incurring additional fees.


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