What Does Bounce Rate Mean?

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Bounce rate – the term sounds like it has so many meanings. You might be wondering whether a bounce rate is something good or bad – like a bounced cheque?


Don’t worry. You’re not alone. A lot of marketers and newbies have the same conundrum.

There’s good news! We’ve come up with a solid answer to your question. Let’s understand what is bounce rate and how a USA SEO agency can help fix it.

Bounce Rate: What Does it Mean?

Before you come to any strange conclusions, let us tell you that bounce rate is the percentage of people who come to your website and then leave. These visitors don’t click on anything or visit any other page of your site.

Now, don’t confuse bounce rate with exit rate. The former only includes ”one and done” visits, the ones when people arrive and leave the website without navigating. On the contrary, exit rate is the percentage of people who leave a certain page of your website, but that’s not necessarily the only website page they’ve visited.

So, What is a Good Bounce Rate?

Let’s be honest. You’ll find yourself discouraged if you aim for a 0% bounce rate. This is because the average bounce rate is between 26%-70%.

Landing below a bounce rate of 20% is unlikely. But there’s a ray of hope. There are a few ways to reduce your bounce rate, for which you may need a USA SEO agency.

So, how Does a USA SEO Agency Help Reduce Bounce Rate? Read on to find out

Ensuring Your Website is Mobile-Friendly 

Imagine visiting a website where you have to zoom in to read anything.

Annoying, right?

Just having a responsive website isn’t enough. It needs to be user-friendly, interactive and engaging. For example, you may think of adding videos as most users prefer watching over reading.

However, it’s best to trim these videos short for mobile users as longer videos require more data and may slow down the user experience.

Avoiding Other Disruptions 

We haven’t stressed enough on the importance of a user-friendly website to offer a good experience.

Many websites have full-screen pop-ups that aren’t just annoying but also hurt user experience.

Remember, your goal is to draw visitors to your website and persuade them to stay for longer. So, avoid disrupting the user experience in a way that causes the users to leave.

Determining the Right Keywords 

 Matching your keyword intent with your content is important to ensure visitors get what they want.

For example, if someone is searching for ”what are digital marketing tools”, they’re not at a stage to buy something and only looking for something informational.

So, when evaluating the keywords your page is ranking for, make sure they’re aligned with your content.

Time to Bounce! 

When investigating bounce rate, it’s important to look at the entire picture, not just one angle.

Focus on the time people spend on your website, where they’re coming from, and the device they’re using. This will help uncover some patterns that will assist in reducing the bounce rate.

To achieve your goals, you may need a USA SEO agency that can figure out a strategy to ensure your website’s success.

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