What is release of mortgage?

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The release of mortgage refers to the process of removing a mortgage lien from a property title once the mortgage debt has been fully paid off. It is an important step in the homeownership journey as it signifies the completion of the mortgage obligation and grants the homeowner full ownership rights over their property. In this article, we will delve deeper into the release of mortgage process, its significance, and the steps involved.

Understanding the Release of Mortgage

When a homeowner takes out a mortgage loan to finance the purchase of a property, the lender places a lien on the property as collateral for the loan. This lien gives the lender the right to take possession of the property if the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments. However, once the mortgage debt is fully repaid, the lien needs to be released to clear the property title.

Importance of Release of Mortgage: The release of mortgage is crucial for homeowners as it provides them with clear ownership of their property. Without a released mortgage, the property title remains encumbered, which can cause complications when attempting to sell the property or obtain additional financing. Therefore, obtaining a release of mortgage is essential to establish a clean title and ensure the homeowner’s rights are protected.

Steps Involved in the Release of Mortgage Process

1. Mortgage Payoff: The first step in the release of mortgage process is to fully repay the mortgage loan. This involves making regular payments over the loan term until the outstanding balance, including any interest and fees, is completely paid off. It is important to follow the repayment schedule provided by the lender to ensure timely completion of the mortgage payoff.

2. Requesting a Release: Once the mortgage debt is paid in full, the homeowner needs to request a release of mortgage from the lender. This can be done by submitting a formal request, either in writing or through an online platform, to the lender or loan servicer. The request should include the borrower’s name, property address, loan account number, and any other information required by the lender.

3. Verification Process: After receiving the release request, the lender will initiate a verification process to ensure that the mortgage has indeed been fully paid off. This may involve reviewing the borrower’s payment history, confirming the outstanding balance, and conducting any necessary internal checks. The verification process typically takes a few weeks to complete.

4. Preparation of Release Documents: Once the verification process is successfully completed, the lender will prepare the necessary release documents. These documents include a release of mortgage or satisfaction of mortgage form, which states that the mortgage debt has been satisfied and the lien is being released. The documents may also need to be notarized or witnessed, depending on local regulations.

5. Recording the Release: After the release documents are prepared, they need to be recorded with the appropriate government office responsible for maintaining property records. This is typically the county recorder’s office or registrar of deeds. Recording the release ensures that it becomes a part of the public record and provides legal proof that the mortgage lien has been released.


The release of mortgage is a crucial step in the homeownership journey, signifying the completion of the mortgage debt and granting the homeowner full ownership rights over their property. By following the necessary steps, including mortgage payoff, requesting a release, verification process, preparation of release documents, and recording the release, homeowners can obtain a clear title and ensure their rights are protected.


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