What software comes with macbook pro?

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The MacBook Pro is a popular choice among professionals and creative individuals due to its powerful performance and sleek design. One of the key aspects that make the MacBook Pro stand out is the software it comes with. In this article, we will explore the software that comes pre-installed on a MacBook Pro and how it enhances the user experience.


macOS, Apple’s operating system, is the foundation of the software package that comes with a MacBook Pro. It provides a seamless and intuitive user interface, allowing users to navigate through various applications and features effortlessly. macOS includes a range of built-in apps such as Safari (web browser), Mail (email client), Calendar, Photos, and more. These apps are designed to work seamlessly with the hardware and offer a consistent experience across all Apple devices.

iLife Suite

The iLife Suite is a collection of multimedia applications that are included with every new MacBook Pro. It consists of three main apps:

1. iMovie: iMovie is a powerful video editing software that allows users to create professional-looking videos with ease. It offers a range of features, including video trimming, transitions, effects, and audio editing tools.

2. iPhoto: iPhoto is a photo management and editing software that enables users to organize, edit, and share their photos. It provides tools for enhancing images, creating slideshows, and organizing photo libraries.

3. GarageBand: GarageBand is a music production software that allows users to create and record music. It offers a wide range of virtual instruments, pre-recorded loops, and audio effects, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced musicians.

iWork Suite

The iWork Suite is a collection of productivity applications that come pre-installed on a MacBook Pro. It includes three main apps:

1. Pages: Pages is a word processing software that offers a range of templates and formatting options. It allows users to create documents, reports, and resumes with ease.

2. Numbers: Numbers is a spreadsheet application that provides powerful tools for organizing and analyzing data. It offers a variety of templates and functions to simplify complex calculations.

3. Keynote: Keynote is a presentation software that enables users to create visually stunning slideshows. It offers a range of themes, animations, and transition effects to captivate the audience.

Additional Software

In addition to the aforementioned software, a MacBook Pro also comes with a range of other useful applications. These include:

1. App Store: The App Store allows users to download and install a wide range of third-party applications, both free and paid, to further enhance their MacBook Pro experience.

2. iCloud: iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage service that seamlessly syncs data across all Apple devices. It enables users to access their files, photos, and documents from anywhere.

3. iTunes: iTunes is a media player and library management software that allows users to organize and play their music, movies, and TV shows. It also serves as a hub for syncing and backing up iOS devices.


The MacBook Pro comes with a comprehensive software package that caters to various needs, from multimedia editing to productivity tasks. The pre-installed software, including macOS, iLife Suite, iWork Suite, and additional applications, provides a solid foundation for users to work, create, and enjoy their MacBook Pro experience.


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