When do federal student loan payments resume?

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Federal student loan borrowers have been granted temporary relief from making loan payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as the situation continues to evolve, many borrowers are wondering when their federal student loan payments will resume. In this article, we will explore the current status of federal student loan payments and discuss when borrowers can expect to start making payments again.

Current Status of Federal Student Loan Payments

Since March 2020, federal student loan borrowers have been in a period of administrative forbearance, which means that they are not required to make monthly loan payments. This forbearance was initially implemented as part of the CARES Act in response to the economic impact of the pandemic. It has since been extended multiple times, most recently through January 31, 2022.

During the forbearance period, interest on federal student loans has been temporarily set at 0%. This means that borrowers are not accruing any additional interest on their loans, providing some relief from the financial burden. Additionally, any payments made during this period are being applied directly to the loan principal, helping borrowers pay down their debt faster.

When Will Federal Student Loan Payments Resume?

As of now, federal student loan payments are scheduled to resume on February 1, 2022. This means that borrowers will need to start making their regular monthly loan payments again starting from that date. However, it’s important to note that this date is subject to change, depending on the evolving circumstances surrounding the pandemic.

The decision to resume federal student loan payments is ultimately made by the Department of Education and the federal government. They will assess the economic situation and determine whether it is appropriate to extend the forbearance period further or to resume loan payments as scheduled.

It’s worth mentioning that even when loan payments resume, borrowers still have various repayment options available to them. These options include income-driven repayment plans, which base monthly payments on the borrower’s income and family size, as well as loan forgiveness programs for those who qualify.


While federal student loan payments are currently scheduled to resume on February 1, 2022, it’s important to stay updated on any changes or extensions to the forbearance period. The Department of Education and the federal government will continue to monitor the economic situation and make decisions accordingly. Borrowers should also explore the repayment options available to them to ensure they can manage their loan payments effectively.


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