Who does the experian commercial?

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The Experian commercial is a widely recognized advertisement that promotes Experian, a consumer credit reporting company. This commercial, like many others, features actors who portray characters in various scenarios related to credit and financial management. In this article, we will explore the actors who appear in the Experian commercial and provide further insights into their roles.

The Actors in the Experian Commercial

1. Eric Violette: One of the most recognizable actors in the Experian commercial is Eric Violette. He gained fame for his portrayal of a singing car salesman in Experian’s “Free Credit Report” commercials, which aired from 2007 to 2010. Violette’s catchy jingles and humorous performances made him a memorable figure in the advertising world.

2. Jim Meskimen: Another actor who has appeared in Experian commercials is Jim Meskimen. Meskimen is known for his versatile voice acting skills and has lent his talents to various commercials and animated projects. In the Experian commercial, Meskimen provides the voiceover for the animated character representing Experian’s credit monitoring service.

3. Other Actors: The Experian commercial also features several other actors who play different roles in various scenarios. These actors are often seen portraying individuals who are either struggling with their credit or benefiting from Experian’s services. While their names may not be as widely recognized as Eric Violette or Jim Meskimen, their performances contribute to the overall effectiveness of the commercial.

Experian Commercial’s Impact

The Experian commercial has had a significant impact on the company’s brand recognition and consumer engagement. By using relatable characters and scenarios, the commercial effectively communicates the importance of credit monitoring and financial responsibility. It has also helped Experian establish itself as a trusted name in the credit reporting industry.

The commercial’s success can be attributed to its memorable characters, catchy jingles, and relatable situations. Through these elements, Experian effectively captures the attention of viewers and encourages them to consider their credit and financial well-being.


The Experian commercial features a range of actors, including Eric Violette and Jim Meskimen, who have played significant roles in its success. With their performances, these actors have helped Experian create engaging and memorable advertisements that resonate with audiences. The commercial’s impact has contributed to Experian’s brand recognition and its position as a trusted credit reporting company.


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