Who owns api group?

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The question of who owns API Group is a topic of interest for many individuals and organizations involved in the business world. API Group is a global manufacturer and distributor of specialty materials, packaging solutions, and security technologies. In this article, we will dive deeper into the ownership structure of API Group, exploring the key stakeholders and their roles within the organization.

Ownership Structure

API Group: API Group itself is a privately held company, meaning it is not publicly traded on any stock exchange. As a private company, API Group is owned by a group of investors, shareholders, or a parent company.

Investors and Shareholders: The ownership of API Group is primarily held by a group of investors and shareholders. These individuals or entities have invested capital into the company in exchange for ownership shares. The specific identities of these investors and shareholders may not be publicly disclosed, as is the case with many privately held companies.

Private Equity Firms: In some cases, private equity firms may have a stake in API Group. Private equity firms are investment firms that provide capital to companies in exchange for ownership stakes. These firms typically have a portfolio of companies they have invested in, and API Group may be one of them.

Management Team: The management team of API Group plays a crucial role in the day-to-day operations and strategic decision-making of the company. While they may not have direct ownership of API Group, they are responsible for managing the company on behalf of the shareholders and investors.

Parent Company

Platinum Equity: As of the time of writing, API Group is owned by Platinum Equity, a global investment firm specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and operations. Platinum Equity acquired API Group in 2017, taking over as the parent company. With their expertise and resources, Platinum Equity aims to support the growth and development of API Group.


In conclusion, API Group is a privately held company owned by a group of investors, shareholders, and a parent company. While the specific identities of the investors and shareholders may not be publicly disclosed, it is known that Platinum Equity is the current parent company of API Group. The management team plays a significant role in running the company on behalf of the shareholders and investors. Understanding the ownership structure of API Group provides insight into the company’s governance and decision-making processes.


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