Why opt for Artificial Intelligence Voice Overs?

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Deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed our lives quite a bit. From Google searches to social media filters, AI is an integral part of our lives now.

Murf, an AI-enabled voice over, has ushered in a massive transformation where you can create and edit in seconds.

Before learning about this amazing software, let us learn about what AI voice overs are.

Introduction to AI Voice Over

In simple terms, AI voice over can be described as a process of speaking in a video but not seen. At times, it is often equated to narration. Note, all narrations are voice overs, whereas all voice overs are not narrations.

What is Text to Speech?

Advantages of Text to Speech

Text to Speech or TTS offers a series of advantages. These include: .

●      Improved learning

The Text to Speech software helps small kids and teenagers as well. Since children are now gravitating more towards visuals and audio clips than towards text, listening to ‘text’ helps them retain it all easily. This directly or indirectly impacts the overall thinking ability of your child.

●      Voice of publishers

Publishing quality content can make a massive difference. This is because it constantly strives to adapt to the changing atmosphere. There are several content writers who swear by Text to Speech voice changer technology to convert their text into audio for their customers. It provides high-quality and easy conversions while enhancing the overall user experience.

 What is an Artificial Intelligence Voice Over?

AI voice overs have been around for quite some time now. Introduction to artificial intelligence is an assistive step towards an exciting way to use voice overs in our professional and creative fields. At times, it sounds synthetic; however, with Murf software, you can get a realistic and professional AI free Voice Changer for your presentations and videos.

Is Murf for you?

From animation videos to product videos, you can do a lot with Murf. This software offers a wide selection of professional-sounding audios in more than 20+ languages. It improves your video credibility and makes it look professional. Now there is no need to depend on robotic Text to Speech or voice over artists. Some of the major languages this software supports include English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

What makes it different?

Being a versatile AI-enabled voice over software, Murf has a lot to offer to its users. You can make studio-quality voice overs in minutes. Start using Murf today to create podcasts, videos, presentations, etc.

●      Add voices to images or videos

You can now add your favourite voices or accent to any image or video to make it ready to upload. You can also align your text and voice as per your choice.

●      Offering free background music

There is a built-in library curated just for you all. Get access to royalty-free music tracks and enjoy your most preferred music or any video or image. This makes it more interactive and fun!